A modern and economic water filtration system which facilitates a low cost for high water consumption.
Aquaduct is a modern service that has the most advanced water filtration system on the Romanian market.
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In 2009, Cumpana launched Aquaduct service as efficient and economical solution for those customers who have a high consumption of water. Such a system is ideal for highly trafficked sites (public and educational institutions, and sports halls and lounges, factories, etc.), which implies a very high level of water consumption. Although is connected directly to the public network, Aquaduct ensures hygienic water consumption, while at the same time, offering its customers benefit as a multifunctional dispenser (heating and cooling water) or a spurt equipped with modern systems of water cooling. Besides all these advantages, Aquaduct system differs from similar products in that it has a unique filter element on the Romanian market, known for his performances by institutions such as the National Science Foundation and the American National Standards Institute. Aquaduct system not only achieves cost efficiency, but you have the safety of a highly hygienic water consumption, for filters fitted the system retain sand, limestone, iron, chlorine, impurities, parasitic cysts and other organic and inorganic particles.